Russel Rebello - The True Captain of the Costa Concordia

Today, the body of Costa crew member Russel Rebello was found in the salvaged wreck of the Costa Concordia. His remains were the last to be removed from the ill-fated cruise ship. 

Mr. Rebello was known to his fellow crew members as a warm, friendly and always-smiling young man. He was last seen going back into the sinking ship to rescue passengers.

Rusel RebelloTragedies like the Costa Concordia define a person. When disaster strikes, will the person shirk their responsibilities and run like a coward? Or will they rise to the occasion and help others? 

Maritime lore and tradition say that the captain always goes down with the ship. That's not exactly true, but the saying reinforces the notion that the captain must be the last person on the ship. He is required by maritime regulations to be aboard the ship in order to supervise the orderly evacuation of all aboard, before he exits.

Francisco Schettino fled the Concordia like a scared rat. He does not deserve even to be called a captain.

When the Concordia hit the rocks and eventually slipped into the sea, it was Mr. Rebello who acted as the true master of the vessel. He put the safety and well being of the guests before himself.  He honored the maritime tradition of a captain staying on the ship and placing himself in harm's way to help others.


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100 Days After Costa Concordia, Indian Crewmember Russel Rebello Still Missing

Today is the 100 day anniversary of the Costa Concordia crash.

Things are back to normal for many people associated with the disaster. Carnival CEO Micky Arison is back to his front row seats at the American Airlines arena watching his professional basketball team, the Miami Heat.  Costa CEO Pier Luigi Foschi is scheduled to begin to enjoy his retirement in July, which the cruise line assures is because he is scheduled to retire at 65 and is unrelated to the Concordia disaster. 

But for some people there is nothing normal about their lives 100 days after the Concordia capsized. Russel Rebello - Costa ConcordiaThe family of Indian crew member Russel Rebello, one of two people on the Concordia still unaccounted for, remains waiting for their son to come home. 

NDTV explains that Mr. Rebello, a handsome, always smiling and popular waiter on the Costa Concordia, was one of the 32 victims on the night of January 13, 2012.  His brother Kevin has faithfully kept a vigil in Italy searching for information and clues regarding what happened to Russel. Yesterday, Kevin returned to Mumbai broke and broken-hearted. He had to face his distraught mother, Gladys Rebello, without returning with his brother.

While Costa CEO Foschi is looking forward to his "golden years" in wealth, luxury and with his family at age 65, Mrs. Rebello will spend her years bereaving the loss of her son Russel.

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