Rally for Rebecca Coriam

The Rebecca Coriam Search Foundation is holding a fundraiser and rally to help raise money to continue the search and investigation into the disappearance of Disney crew member, Rebecca Coriam.

The rally is being held on July 23, 2011, from 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. at the Chester Race Course Pavillion. For more information visit the event web page at: A Night for Rebecca Coriam.

Additional information can be found on Rebecca Coriam’s Twitter and Web Page.

Rebecca went missing on March 22, 2011 while working in the youth activity center aboard the M/S Disney Wonder. Cruise Law News (CLN) has previously reported on the disappearance and investigation of Ms. Coriam.

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The Case of Missing Crew Member Angelo Faliva - Is Princess Cruises Engaged In A Cover Up?

Chiara Faliva - Angelo Faliva - Missing - Princess Cruises - Coral Princess  The case of the "missing" crew member from the Coral Princess cruise ship continues to dominate the press in Italy.

Angelo Faliva "disappeared" from the cruise ship operated by Princess Cruises of Santa Clarita California on November 25, 2009 during a two week cruise which left South Florida and ended in Los Angeles, California. 

Mr. Faliva's younger sister, Chiara, has taken a leadership position on behalf of the Faliva family to prod the cruise line and the authorities to release information.

So far, no one is cooperating with the Faliva family.

Ms. Faliva has gone on Italian television and explained that neither the cruise line nor the government of Bermuda (the cruise ship flies the flag of Bermuda) are cooperating.  Princess Cruises has refused to provide the family with the reports of the security officers or any basic information regarding what happened to her brother.

In a blockbuster news story in Italy available online at  vascellor.it, Ms. Faliva complains that she was treated rudely by the Master of the cruise ship after she traveled to the U.S. seeking answers.

Most shocking is that the cruise line claims to be "puzzled," but has not even sent the surveillance films to Bermuda to be examined by investigators, according to Ms. Faliva.       

Chiara Faliva has continued to fight to seek answers regarding what happened to her brother, Angelo.  She has traveled from Italy to Columbia and the U.S.  The Italian newspaper characterizes Ms. Faliva as demonstrating: 

.  .  .  di amora, dignità e coraggio  ( .  .  .  love, dignity and courage) .  .  . 

in the search for truth regarding what happened to her brother on the Princess cruise ship.

Angelo Faliva - Missing - Coral Princess - Coral Princess - Cover Up?

These type of stories demonstrate the difficulties families experience trying to find basic information when a family member disappears on foreign flagged cruise ships.  Although Princess Cruises is based in Santa Clarita, California, it is incorporated in Bermuda and flags its cruise ships in that country in order to avoid U.S. taxes and wage and labor laws.  Bermuda has demonstrated very little interest in conducting serious investigations into shipboard crimes on Bermuda flagged cruise ships.  Often, Bermuda defers to the "investigation" by the cruise line which, unfortunately, is designed to advance Princess Cruises' legal interest and to protect its "love boat" marketing image.

There remain many unexplained questions surrounding the story of young chef Angelo Faliva.

Will the "love boat" cooperate with the Faliva family? 

Why has Princess Cruises still not sent the surveillance films to the Investigators in Bermuda?

How can a young man disappear without a trace? 

We have written a number of articles regarding this sad story and the disturbing handling of the investigation by the cruise line:

Crew Member Missing from Princess Cruises' Coral Princess Cruise Ship

Family of Missing Crew Member Seeks Answers - Princess Cruises Claims "We Are Puzzled"

2009 Ends With Family of Missing Princess Cruises Crew Member Continuing to Seek Answers

Top Cruise Story of 2009 - Sister of Missing Princess Crew Member Angelo Faliva Speaks Out: "Vogliamo la Verità!" - "We Want the Truth!"

Were you a passenger or crew member on the Coral Princess?  Do you have information to share to help the family find answers?  Let us hear from you.


Credits:       vascellor.it 

2009 Ends With Family of Missing Princess Cruises Crew Member Continuing to Seek Answers

Angelo FalivaThe Italian family of crew member Angelo Faliva is continuing to search for answers to explain the circumstances regarding his disappearance from the Coral Princess, a cruise ship operated by Princess Cruises which is based in Santa Clarita, California.
There continue to be newspaper articles in the Italian press as well as television stories regarding this troubling case.  We have  included a video, below.  Its not current, but it has many images of Mr. Faliva.  Perhaps someone on the Coral Princess recognizes him and has some information to share. 
The issue of "missing" passengers and crew member became known to most Americans following the disappearance of George Smith during his honeymoon on the Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas in July 2005.  Since then, there have been five Congressional hearings in the United States, four in the House of Representatives and one in the U.S. Senate culminating in the House passing the Cruise Safety and Security Act of 2009. The Act awaits passage in the Senate before President Obama can sign the bill and the much needed cruise law will be in effect.  
These hearings were primarily the result of the dedication and hard work of my friend Ken Carver, President of the International Cruise Victims organization.  Mr.Carver's daughter, Merrian, "disappeared" on a cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean's sister brand, Celebrity Cruises in 2004.  Royal Caribbean engaged in a cover up of the incident.  
Mr. Carver took on the non tax paying multi billion dollar corporation, and won.
All of these cruise crime/safety hearings addressed the problem of "overboards" - when passengers and crew members "disappear" - and yet the cruise lines, suspiciously enough, choose to offer no explanation of what happened.
Princess Cruises - Coral Princess - Angelo Faliva Disappearance Mr. Faliva's disappearances is a story that we will continue to watch and report on.  
The cruise industry is big business.
And cruise lines do not like stories like this.
Princess Cruises spends millions of dollars for advertising, as we have mentioned in other articles to paint a picture of care-free getaways and romance associated with its "Love Boat" theme. 
But our opinion is that this cruise line is the typically non-transparent, truthless & ruthless foreign corporation which has given the cruise industry a tawdry reputation.  
Princess Cruises wants this story to disappear as just another "mystery."  We have commented on Princess Cruises' "we-don't-know-what-happened" attitude in prior articles.  The cruise web site CruiseLineFans named this incident at the top of its "Top 5 Unfortunate Incidents in 2009," and criticized Princess Cruises for its lack of a clear response to the matter. 
Unfortunately, the FBI did not board the cruise ship until after it sailed all the way from South Florida to California - about a week after Mr. Faliva's disappearance.  The country of Bermuda, which is the Angelo Faliva - Disappearance - Coral Princessflag of the vessel and  primarily responsible for investigations, did not get involved until very late. 
It remains to be seen whether Bermuda, which has a very cozy relationship with Princess Cruises, will devote the time and genuine effort to investigate a case like this.
We hope so.
We know that many crew members and passengers read our blog.  If you know something about the circumstances surrounding Angelo Faliva's disappearance, do something.  Speak out.  Contact the FBI in Los Angeles.  
And contact Ken Carver at the International Cruise Victims organization - kcarver17@cox.net - who is fighting an endless battle to bring transparency to the cruise industry over such "disappearances."
Don't let another family anguish over the unexplained loss of a loved one. 
Photograph of Coral Princess cruise ship   Noticias de Cruceros "Desaparece el chef de un crucero en navegación"
Photograph of Mr. Faliva in Cabo and video  LA7.it


Family of Missing Crew Member Seeks Answers - Princess Cruises Claims "We Are Puzzled"

In an article entitled "Family Seeks Answers in Disappearance of Italian Chef From Cruise Ship," the LA Times reports that family members, of an Italian chef who disappeared during a cruise, met with Princess Cruises representatives in California to obtain information regarding Angelo Faliva - Missing - Princess Cruiseswhat happened to their son and brother. 

The family of Angelo Faliva (shown here left) had flown from Italy to meet representatives in San Pedro, California where the Coral Princess cruise ship arrived after a 15 day cruise from South Florida.

The Faliva family apparently left California without any information.

We previously reported on this disappearance in a prior article "Crew Member Missing from Princess Cruises' Coral Princess Cruise Ship."

The cruise line industry has a notorious reputation for withholding information when there is evidence of foul play that may hurt their legal interests or may tarnish their marketing image.  Usually the families are kept away from the cruise line's security personnel and are stuck dealing only with the cruise line's PR department or in-house lawyers who tell them nothing.    

Julie Benson - Princess Cruises - PRIn this case, Princess Cruises PR representative Julie Benson said that the cruise line's investigation allegedly did not reveal any information to explain the crew member's disappearance. The PR representative Benson tells the LA Times:

“We are really very puzzled . . .  We don’t know what happened.”

How is it possible that the hundreds of cameras on the cruise ship did not record a single image of crew member Faliva?  Earlier this year when a passenger committed suicide by jumping off of the stern of Carnival's Sapphire Princess, the cruise line produced the CCTV films. Did they find the CCTV because it exonerated the cruise line?   We wrote about this is a series of articles in September. 

Princess Cruises claim of being "puzzled"raises substantial questions.  

How can a happy and healthy crew member simply vanish without a trace?

Has the Faliva family been provided with a copy of the CCTV?  Was the Faliva family permitted to interview the security officer?  Did Princess arrange for them to talk to the CCTV operators and shipboard IT technicians?  Were they provided with copies of all reports and statements taken of the crew members on the cruise ship?  Were they permitted to board the ship and speak with the Master, the crew member's co-workers and his cabin mates and friends? 

Certainly the family is entitled to more than the cruise line's usual we-don't-know-anything PR statement.

The International Cruise Victims organization reports that this year 23 people have gone overboard from cruise ships. 



Mr. Faliva           Falavi Family via IlTempo.it 

Princess PR representative Julie Benson    Twitter @JulieBenson