Windstar Cruise Ship Runs Aground

Seabourn Pride a/k/a Star PrideWindstar Cruises' Star Pride (photo left in Europe when it was operated by Seabourn) hit rocks near Isla de Coiba, Panama yesterday morning. 

Professor Ross Klein's website says that according to a passenger aboard the Star Breeze:

"We have just picked up 109 passenger and crew from another Windstar Cruise Liner in (what I think is) the south end of Costa Rica. The other Windstar ship hit rocks and took on water near the port where people got off. We left our port in an emergency to assist and it took 13 hours to get to them. According to people on that Windstar ship no one was injured which makes us all happy. We are going to be back tracking to get them to the closest airport. The ship we all saw is clearly damaged at it is listing."

News sources says that guests were refunded 100 percent of their voyage fare. Cruise Critic says that the cruise line offered '100 percent of cruise fare paid for future cruise credit." 

The cruise ship will be towed to the port of Balboa in Panama for repairs to the hull. Windstar is also reportedly canceling the December 26th Star Pride voyage. 

The cruise ship was renamed the Star Pride after Seabourn Cruises stopped operating the vessel last year. 

Photo Credit: Seabourn Pride by Churchill188 licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikipedia.

December 26 2015 Update: It seems that this occurred on a UNESCO World Heritage site. According Star Pride Groundingto the Facebook Sea Shepard Panama page (Photo Credit for photo right):

"A Cruise Ship Passing Through UNESCO World Heritage Site Coiba National Park, hit some slightly submerged rocks while attempting to navigate through a shallow channel.

The ship is undergoing repairs In this delicate ecosystem so it can continue on its way. Meanwhile other Cruise Ships navigate around it as they load and unload their 100's of passengers for waterskiing and other activities.

We hope that while repairs are happening on the Ship that there is no furthur negative impact to the environment.

At this stage it is unknown how much damage has-been done to the Reef and Marine life at the site of impact."

Norwegian Dawn Hits Reef Near Bermuda

A friend just notified me that the Port Bermuda cam operated by PTZtv shows that the NCL Norwegian Dawn has just hit a reef near the port. 

The cruise ship reportedly launched lifeboats, although there is no indication that anyone was injured. The weather looks nice.  The boats may have been checking the damage to the cruise ship and reef.  

Passengers are tweeting that the cruise ship hit the reef hard and churned up the reef.

The ship was heading back to Boston. 

Some news outlets are reporting that the Dawn lost power shortly after leaving Bermuda. 

You can watch the webcam here.

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Photo Credit: J. Zsiros via CBS Boston

NCL Dawn Bermuda

"Uncharted Rocks" and Other Tall Tales - Clipper Adventurer Ran Into A Charted Hazard

The Nunatsiaq News published an interesting article this morning, entitled "Clipper Adventurer Ran Into A Known Expert Says."

You will recall that following the grounding of the Clipper Adventurer cruise ship in the Canadian Arctic on August 27th, the cruise operator issued a press statement claiming that the cruise ship ran aground on an "uncharted rock."  The owner even went as far as to make this whopper of an excuse: "we were simply following the chart that we had and right where there wasn’t any indication that there was something in the water, there was this large rock.”

Clipper Adventurer - Ran Aground - Uncharted RockMy response in my blog last week?  "Sounds like a PR statement to explain some bad navigational skills by whomever was at the helm."

Well now the little Canadian newspaper, the "Nunatsiaq News," tells us the truth. 

“The cruise ship effectively ran into an underwater cliff,” John Hughes Clarke, head of the University of New Brunswick’s Ocean Mapping Group.  “Had they been just a few ship lengths to the east or west they would have missed it.”

The supposedly “uncharted rock” that the ship hit had been reported by the Canadian Hydrographic Service and in a Notice to Mariners issued by Coast Guard in 2007.  And it is the responsibility of the chart retailers and/or the ships officers to update their charts and note these hazards when they are issued.

Many cruise ships are heading into riskier areas, said Hughes Clarke.  “The problem is cruise ships want to go off the safe shipping lanes where there is more dramatic topography or stunning wildlife,” he said.

The newspaper also states that the damages to the ship was more extensive than initially reported.  The Clipper Adventurer’s hull had sustained "important damages and that many watertight compartments were ruptured." 

Its good to finally get the real story.


Credit:  UNB Ocean Mapping Group