Excursion Bus Crash in Dominica Kills Cruise Passenger

Dominica Bus CrashA Dominican newspaper reports that an excursion bus carrying ten passengers from the P&O Azura was involved in a serious accident yesterday in the country of Dominica. One passenger died and nine others were injured.

The Azura previously sailed from Southampton about two weeks ago.

The newspaper reports that the bus was coming from Antrim, where the cruise passengers were enjoying the Emerald Pool tourist attraction, when the accident took place.

P&O Cruises released a statement:  “A bus operated by a shore excursion provider was involved in a collision in Dominica on Wednesday lunchtime. The bus was carrying 12 passengers, including 10 guests from Azura. The cause of the accident is not yet known.”

Excursion accidents like this are not uncommon. Earlier this year, an excursion bus taking passengers from a MSC cruise ship to a tourist attraction crashed in Dominica, killing an infant. 

Cruise passengers from the Celebrity Summit cruise ship were seriously injured in an excursion vehicle mishap in Dominica. In 2009, a dozen passengers from the Summit were seriously injured when an open air excursion vehicle ran off the road. We represented passengers against the cruise line and the excursion company in that accident. You can read information about the Dominica excursion accident in an article "Injured Visitors to Dominica Airlifted to Miami."

A passenger from the Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas was killed in an excursion bus accident near Falmouth, Jamaica and numerous other passengers were injured in January of this year.  

There have been several other excursion bus accidents in the last several years involving cruise passengers.  

Many of these incidents involved substandard and poorly maintained vehicles, reckless driving and/or buses not equipped with seat belts.

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Photo Credit: Dominica News Online

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A K Massey - November 13, 2016 2:47 PM

I was on this Cruise on the Azura and had been on the same trip in the morning and we had a couple of near misses and still cannot understand why all CruiseLines allow the tour buses to operate without seat belts and take their cruise passengers on trips.They are lacking in duty and due care of their passengers. The Cruise Lines could force the islands to operate buses with seat belts and certificated drivers as they have the money and powers to withdraw ships visits to Islands that do not conform. There could be a period of time for these alterations to take place and then checks done by reps and also passengers point blank refusal to go on buses without seat belts even asking for a refund on trips booked, but being as the Cruise Companies are more interested in making vast profits from these trips ignoring previous accidents,I cannot see these changes ever happening in an impoverished culture where health and safety regulations are unheard of and life is a daily battle for survival with no safety net for the unemployed or infirm.

The Cruise Lines could use the last bit on poverty and unemployment on the Islands with a you scratch my back and we will scratch yours policy.

A P REEKS - November 20, 2016 1:40 PM

We were on this cruise on the Azura. We have been on Caribbean cruise for the last 18 years always with p&o. During this time the poverty on these islands is still as great as ever. They don't have the money to fill in the pot holes, and improve road safety
When you get off the cruise ships, there is always a frenzy of taxi drivers and private tour bus opperaters trying to get your custom. One must remember that to many this is their only income, but even these guys look wealthy compared to many .
The cruise companies make vast profits on there organised expensive tours. Yes these desperate islands are pleased to have the cruise ships to visit for much needed income.
BUT SURELY THE TIME HAS COME FOR THESE GIANT CRUISE SHIP COMPANIES TO PLOUGH IN MUCH NEEDED FUNDS TO TRY AND IMPROVE THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF THESE ISLANDS. They have sponsored (or own)the cruise ship reception areas on many islands. Probably see there return in a few years, because the passengers are lured to the overpriced shops as they walk through to the exit gate onto the islands

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