Avoid Depression and Heart Disease - Take A Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Two months ago I commented on the absurd press releases issued by Royal Caribbean Cruises in an article "Royal Caribbean Press Statements And Other Gobbledygook."

Heart Attack?  Take a Royal Caribbea Cruise! Well here we go again!

Yesterday Royal Caribbean released a PR statement entitled "Over-Worked Americans Give Up an Average of 459 Million Vacation Days Each Year."  Royal Caribbean points out that most Americans are "over-worked, over-tired and stressed-out."  I agree, this sound like my law office. 

In response, Royal Caribbean suggests that a cruise will solve everything.  The cruise line tries to relate to the average Joe by reminding him " . . . if the President of the United States, who just returned from a respite on Martha's Vineyard, can still find time, then shouldn't everyone?"

Yikes.  I can just see an employee, struggling to pay the house mortgage and car note, telling his boss - I'm  going spend a few thousands of dollars and chill out on a cruise with my family.  See ya later!     

The cruise line's marketing people even came up with a catchy phrase - "Cruise Them Or Lose Them."

The cruise line claims that vacations reduce the chances that a woman will suffer depression by 50% and reduce a man's risk of suffering a heart attack by 32%.  Maybe the marketing slogan should have been even more straight forward: "Cruise Or Lose Your Life!" 

Now, this strikes me as some pretty desperate marketing.  Take a cruise or you are going to have a stroke?  How exactly is a week long drinking binge and all-you-can-eat buffets on a cruise ship going to avoid a coronary? 

But this is the "Nation of Why Not?"  So ladies throw away your Paxil and gentlemen flush your Lipitor down the drain.  All you need is a Royal Caribbean cruise. 

You can have your heart attack when you get back to work.

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Tyna - August 31, 2010 11:32 AM

Never been there ?? Just marketing,just thinking 4000
people in a litle box...JUST MARKETING !!

Suzanne - August 31, 2010 5:13 PM

Desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose, but this is ridiculous! Whoever thought of this ad campaign should get the boot.

Mike Harness - August 31, 2010 7:57 PM

Sounds like RCCL was trying for tongue-in-cheek, but what they actually succeeded at was foot-in-mouth.

aka @GetPackedTravel

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