Top 10 Reasons Not To Cruise

The popular on line cruise community recently ran an article "Top 10 Reasons To Cruise."  By the time I read reason number 3 - "Cruise Ships are Family Friendly" - I was repulsed enough that I felt compelled to explain why the Cruise Critic article was dangerously inaccurate.

Cruise Critic published the photo (below) of the "family friendly' environment touted on cruise ships, with the photograph courtesy of Royal Caribbean Cruises.  Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean has by Top Ten Reasons Not To Cruisefar the worst problem with sexual predators of any line we have ever seen. Children have been targeted by sexual predators in child centers and raped after leaving the centers and trying to get back to the cabins.    

No parent would ever send their kids to a teen center or leave them alone in a cabin if they knew what this cruise line knows - that sexual assaults occur frequently on cruise ships.    

So here's the other side of the story - 10 Reasons Not to Cruise:

No. 1: Cruise Lines Are A Perfect Place To Sexually Abuse Children

No. 2: Cruise Ships Are A Perfect Place to Commit A Crime, And Get Away With It!

No. 3: Carnival, Royal Caribbean And NCL Are Corporate Felons

No. 4: If You Are A Victim On A Cruise Ship, The Cruise Line Will Treat You Like A Criminal

No. 5: If You Are Retired Or A Child, The Cruise Line Considers Your Life Worthless

No. 6:  If The Ship Doctor Kills You, Too Bad

No. 7:  Cruise Lines Exploit Foreign Crew Members, Like You'd Never Believe

No. 8:  Blackwater, Blackwater, Blackwater

No. 9:  Bunker Fuel - Nasty Tar Sludge!      

No. 10:  Cruise Lines Avoid All U.S. Taxes By Registering in Places Like Panama and Liberia.

If travel agents are going to hawk cruises by advertising all of the reasons why you should take your family on a cruise, trust us that we will provide you with the other side of the story. 

Make your own informed decision how to spend your vacation with your family.   

Tomorrow, we will discuss "Why Cruise Lines Are a Perfect Place to Sexually Abuse Children."



Photograph          Royal Caribbean Cruises (via

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Larry Gilbert - January 11, 2011 7:40 AM

I stumbled upon your "Top 10" series by accident and found your articles to be quite riveting. I'm wondering what happened to number 10?

jim - March 10, 2012 7:31 PM

There are a lot more reasons not to cruise
1 hijackings
2 legionares disease
3 Stunamies
4 Ice burgs
5 Fires
6 running aground
7 thefts
8 Bermuda Triangle disasters
9 Explosions
10 Engine failures

Lone Cat - September 15, 2012 9:54 AM

Thank you for sharing an Intrigue to us. the overtly marketed "Loveboat" is not just lovely as it looks. but please activate a link of the reason number ten and its associate statistics citing that curise lines 'evades corporate taxes'.

also Jim Walker.
1. Have you ever heard of the famous cruise line owned by Michel Adam's "Fashion TV" ? i've saw them having the two cruise ship / yatch (and those vessels are 'recreational maritime business' as well as Carnival and co. thing.) and those ships regularly visited (and moored) at Pattaya. Thailand. of course I believe you are all aware of Pattaya's 'fame', one of vice cities on earth.
2. If so. Do you have any 'Intrigues' regarding to the FTV cruiseline misconducts? and does Michel Adam covers it all up if his cruise line really does.

Thanks in advance.


Ken Christiansen - February 19, 2014 10:48 PM

Like all other scare news, this one only emphasizes the negative, while ignoring the positive.

Is the crime aboard ship any worse than in the cities we came from?

Having just returned from a Holland America Jazz cruise I can say that the staff was exceptionally polite, friendly and accomodating. You can't get a better vacation than on a cruise, where everything is taken care of for you.

The Boogyman doesn't scare me!

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